Mind Body & Soul (2024)
Director : Robert Lang
Theatrical Release : 29 March 2024

Monkeys Wedding Productions
Indican Pictures Distribution


An existential mockumentary of Satan trying to adapt again to a modern society that he may not fit into. 

Deadline: Robert Lang’s Devilish Mockumentary ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ Lands Indican Films Deal; Watch The Trailer

Director Robert Lang releases his first feature film Mind, Body & Soul. Man, myth, or mystery, Satan is a controversial figure that has dominated all thought for centuries. The film is a light-hearted alternative from a mockumentary perspective using humor, wit, 'factual' history, and flashback imagery of how the most revered figure in history came to be.

In this comedy from writer Robert Lang, and Co-creator Conr Kinman who stars as Satan in his first feature film in this offbeat mockumentary about love, fame, and the Antichrist.

The storyline unfolds as Satan extends an invitation to a documentary crew, beckoning them to his Los Angeles abode with the intention of reacquainting himself with society and rectifying his image. However, an unexpected revelation surfaces – Satan's recent expulsion from Hell. This twist redirects the documentary's course, guiding viewers through Satan's journey of self-reinvention, rebranding, and profound self-discovery.

The ensemble cast features accomplished Australian actress and comedian Melissa Bergland, known for her roles in "Winners & Losers," "Into the Dark," (Blumhouse) and "Relative Happiness". Bergland takes on the role of Satan's appointed PR marketer, tasked with rebranding and introducing the world to the revamped version of Satan. Additionally, Eric Wu, who portrays the role of Melchom, Hell's accountant, marks his screen debut.

The film endorsed by the Satanic Temple, was released with a limited theatrical run at Cineworld Sunset on March 29, 2024. It will be released on VOD/DVD on 16th April 2024. Indican Pictures acquired North American Rights for distribution and produced by Monkeys Wedding Productions


Set against the backdrop of West Hollywood in Los Angeles, the Mockumentary centers on Satan (Conr Kinman) as he endeavors to stage his resurgence. The narrative delves into his struggles, victories, and mission to clear his name, all while under the scrutiny of a documentary crew. Seamlessly blending modern concerns like social media and spirituality, the film adheres to its Science Fiction roots. It introduces sub-characters such as demons and witches, reimagined for the 21st century, thus revitalizing their mythological significance without bias. 

In a contemporary society marked by progress and intellectual autonomy, exploring a topic as provocative as the Devil would once have invited accusations of heresy against those diverging from established religious norms. Therefore, in recognizing the diverse array of faiths, the film approaches the subject respectfully, acknowledging the importance of religious sensitivities.

The film was made on a micro-budget under $20,000, the film maintained a deliberately modest crew to uphold the genuine documentary ambiance. A single Director of Photography, Sound Operator, and Gaffer were present during the concise 7-day shoot, ensuring authenticity.

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