The film explores a realm of surreal self-obsession, embodied in an outlandish and dreamlike character, whose need for validation from an unseen observer dominates all thought.

The audience is consensually prompted to gaze into the small, condensed universe of someone experiencing a fascinatingly destructive egomania. Here, they recognize behavior once thought to be beyond eccentric, yet today somehow normalized — perhaps sprouting from a modern culture of self-centered ideology?

We witness in this character the downfall of self-idolatry; the frequent cause and occasional side effect of pathological narcissism; self-hatred. The struggle between loving oneself more than anything, while simultaneously desiring perfection, threatens to upend the film’s eerie dreamworld. However, a brief brush with self-awareness only serves to solidify the character’s self-obsession. An existential crisis half-realized — drowned in the shallow waters of Narcissus’ well.

Directors Statement

“Encore” was inspired by the opening sequence of John Cassavetes’ film “Opening Night”, as well as the story of Narcissus from Greek mythology. Narcissus famously fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, and — unable to capture and conquer his own image  — killed himself in grief.

This film incorporates elements of theatrical costume design, using richly embellished fabrics such as gold and velvet. The use of experimental, exaggerated makeup mirrors an equally augmented and enhanced presentation of self in modern society.

Another important source of inspiration has been artist Marc Chagall’s designs of sets and costumes, especially those created for theatrical productions of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” and “The Magic Flute.”

Filmed originally in 4k and then converted to VHS quality by recording to a VHS tape was done so intentionally to give the perception that it was self taped. The opening scene audio was provided by NASA and is Chorus Radio Waves within Earth's Atmosphere Courtesy of Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science. The effect was to give the illusion of an supernatural or ethereal feeling.