Sleepwalking  (2020)
Director : Robert Lang

Flaunt Magazine - Sleepwalking Short film premiere


Short film ‘Sleepwalking’ confronts the realization that a relationship is over, from the woman's point of view.

It features photographer Micaela Mclucas and her real-life partner model Simon Kuzmickas as they portray the characters' emotional end.

We witness her as she presents a diary-style monologue detailing her feelings of resentment, their facade of love, and how the toxic cycle of their relationship can only be broken by its demise.

Scenes switch between present, past and future as the characters — both individually and as a couple — display the emotional effects of aching loss and the pain of separation.

The woman’s final piercing statement ties the story into Lang’s signature theme of narcissism and exploration of fame.

The woman assures her departing lover that his future lovers will know her name, see her face on billboards, and grow to adore her. "Fame is forever", she claims, "and I will forever be your greatest love story.”