Soft and hardcover perfect bound, 30 Pages, 8×10 in, 20×25 cm

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The 30 page photo book features the fine-art photography of body form portraiture capturing the intimacy of Judy and John and  the beauty of the anatomy of the plastic blow up doll figure in 22 images. The new book portrays the bonding and intimacy between Judy and John concluding her journey in self-portraits.

'Idolatry' is the follow up photo book to “The Emancipation of Judy’  released in 2017 that documented Judy’s self-portraits in diary form depicting her in intimate and a vulnerable state as the subject of self-awareness is questioned.

The subject covers vulnerability between two objects and photographing silhouettes abstracted into sculpture to portray the declaration of love.

Selected Press: Metal Magazine Interview, The Eye of Photography