The Power Of Angelyne - 2016 Oyster Magazine

She needs no introduction, she is Angelyne. She is love, light and truth. People are drawn to her — she radiates an energy that is almost from another world.

She's a Hollywood legend, featured in films like Rock of Ages, Earth Girls Are Easy and the soon-to-be-released Terminator: Genisis. She's been portrayed in Futurama, in the new Aaron Paul cartoon Bojack Horesman and she'll be performing as part of Ariel Pink's Tinseltown Takeover. A muse to many and an embodiment of longevity as a West Hollywood treasure, Angeleyne and I get deep — discussing extensionalism, the power of knowing and higher beings — all while zooming around in her pink Corvette in between crystal shopping.

What do you love most about living in Hollywood and where would you take a tourist here?

Well me of course me because I am known here and famous here! I would take them for a ride in my pink Corvette and drive around Hollywod and that’s all they would need to do.

When did you get your start in showbiz?

I was in a punk rock band in the 80’s called Angelyne and I put up a poster to gain attention for the band and it escalated into a billboard and it just got bigger and bigger resulting in different billboards of myself spread all over Los Angeles!

I still have one up today which is on Santa Monica and Wilcox and it’s a poster outside the Dragon Fly Club.

Have you embraced social media as you did with the visual media like the billboards?

Oh no! I’m not interested in anything like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as I like to be accessible to my fan base by meeting them in person.

The Billboards made you an icon and were your niche so would you say your pink corvette is your niche now?

Yes but my pink corvette has always been my niche as I have had ten now but when people see my car it’s still known in their minds as iconic when they see the Corvette as it responds to the memory of the billboards. I love the colour pink as it gravitates towards me. Magenta is the most powerful vibrating colour In the universe.

I am geographically famous! My fame is sprinkled all over the world and I’m known everywhere in every country from Israel, Japan, China, South Africa and Australia.

So I am on a mission to stop saying the word ‘you’ in a projective way. I listen to TED Talks all the time on the radio and there was a conversation that really disturbed me. So there is this dog physiologist who is giving this talk and she has a problem with this dog and she is talking on the radio and she says “when you can’t even lick your paws and you can’t even drink your water out of your dog bowl, you can’t even eat your dog food out of your bowl and worst of all you can’t lick your masters face and I was astounded and turned it off straight away. Why is she saying you? I don’t relate to licking my masters face, do you? I just realized that this has just got to stop! When I hear something that refers to me I take it in like a sponge because the mind is so powerful! I’m doing it for selfish reasons as saying ‘you’ can be a projection word.

Coincidence should be banned too because life is a work in progress and the coincidence taken out of context could be destructive because people act upon it and do something rash. Ellen watts, who is a cosmic ordering coach explained about coincidence and on how to get the whole picture if you don’t already. In her theory she said in the fence there is a hole and your looking through the hole, when a person looks through the hole they see the head of something and it looks like it could be the head of an elephant and the things keeps going and there is more pieces of it and they don’t know what is it and when you stand back and can see that it’s a snake and you can see what the whole thing is. Intermittently a person can’t tell what it is.

I don’t believe in coincidence as I think we are just old souls who don’t recognize each other in the new life but we were meant to meet and are drawn to each other in this life.

I think there is some puppet master up there, screwing around and having fun with what we do and oh!, I think I’ll drop a coincidence over here and drop a little hint there because it’s just too designed so I don’t know who the puppet master is but I hope it’s somebody wonderful and gracious who is helping us.

I know that you’re quite spiritual.

What does the term spiritual mean to you? I know what it means to me. I’m on a quest. What does higher consciousness mean to you? Higher consciousness means feeling high and being touched with higher entities.

When I was 2 years old I knew where I came from all and this bad doesn’t happen. I’m not crazy; this is not a good place. I mean I don’t want to advertise that to people because it’s bad PR but it’s better to say thank you for what I have got because I have a charmed life. I do believe my goal is to have a pained free existence whether it’s here or out of here. I don’t know if pain free exists here because the way things are done here is with pain.

I lost my parents when I was little so I sought to become famous to regain the love I lost. So I psychoanalyze myself with that to keep myself sane. The power of psychology is unbelievable! If I tell you something like if a guy or girl is in love with you and you don’t know and I tell you listen, I know she or he is in love with you because I feel it and all of a sudden you know it and then your calm, because it’s the power of knowing. It’s amazing the power of knowing!

Do you act on your intuition straight away?

I do but I do it by choice. I can see people and what they are thinking or I can feel using the sense of smell. I’ll phone up a friend and tell them what I’m feeling.

I grew up surrounded my crystals.

Oh wow I have to take you to Crystal Sky in Silver lake as these two wonderful guys run it in Silver lake The whole store is filled with crystals and they are going to be launching an Angelyne Love Spell that’s been bought over from the Holy Land. It’s a potion that is over 3000 years old.

What kind of love spell?

The best kind of love! Love!

Have you ever done past life transgression?

No, I don’t want to or believe in it. When I was 4 years old I used to say that I was a queen in another life and it helped me be the billboard queen that I am today. I was fascinated with ancient Egypt, just fascinated! I wanted to save the world I’m a leader, that’s what I am. Magazines have said that I have come from the future to show people the way. I never said that, they deduced that from a People or Time magazine article.

What I want to do is create a pathway for the human spirit to be able to graduate out of here, the right way so that they don’t have to come back here.

Who wants to come back here? This is not the place…this is not it!

I have been told that I have lived 13 past lives.

How do you really know that? It could be 13 memories in your mind. I don’t know it all. What do you know for sure? There is only one thing that I believe in and know for sure. Think about it. What is the one thing you know for sure? It’s to feel safe, loved and secure. In general it’s all people know is how they feel. The only thing that one knows is how you feel. They don’t know if there is a god or a higher presence and if this place doesn’t feel right you have to figure out! People are afraid of dying.

I know there is an after-life and we are all here for a reason.

All I know is how I feel and we are trying to do the best we can and need to move forward to a pain free existence. That is my goal. How can we make that happen? There is Ying and Yang energy here and it rains on good and bad people. There is no prejudice with good and bad people around here and we are all just moving forward switching the energy like the ocean back and forth. Like good comes in like the tide and swoosh, in comes the bad and then swoosh comes in the good again.

Ask me who I am.

Who are you?

Let me ask you, who are you?

Who am I?

They say in Zen that’s a Quan yin question as in, "What is the sound of one hand clapping? The reason I ask you is because the Zen masters will ask you “who are you?”. I can answer that. So ask me, who I am?

Who are you?

(laughs) I am an entity who is experiencing this reality and I experience the good and whatever the bad is therefore I am nothing more than a awareness entity and therefore I would like the bad to stop. How can we get out of this trap where bad is always happening? It’s a human condition. Does critical mass have to happen? Does everybody have to be there as it could go two ways. Critical mass could make everybody so upset that it’s intolerable.

I haven’t experienced an outer body experience

I have had an outer body experience and I don’t think I would recommend them to anybody. I hope it will help me get out the right way. I have heard people who have had outer body experience whether it was near death or floating out. I floated out and it was so euphoric but I was disenchanted with everything that was here because it is so much better to be there.

The second time it happened it was terrible and I didn’t want to come back here.

So who is the puppet master doing this?

It’s the question of life isn’t it?

I’m also trying to go above and beyond and think “what could this entity do, what can I do?”

Can you communicate with you spirit guides so they can guide you and answer your questions? Have you accepted them into your life?

I’m not on that page because I am in direct communication with my higher self. When you go to sleep is it peaceful for you? I have been waking up out of this peaceful state into this shocking outer body again. The body is encapsulating this spirit and I want my spirit to be free. In fact, I can’t believe I’m here sometimes.

My spiritual guide told me I have 2 more lives left and then I will enter the spiritual realm.

I don’t want any more lives as this is my last life and I am happy with that as I have lived a charmed life. When you die, you leave your DNA into the world and everybody gets a piece of it.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

As much as people respect Nikola Tesla as an awesome man and went and did something else that no one else could do by inventing, I want to be regarded in the same sense of that awesome entity that paved the way as a leader to free the human spirit to a pained free paradise existence.